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pallyrally's Journal

The Pally Rally 2007
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Welcome to the community for the Pally Rally (2007). This year, we're making a fuct finding mission *.

The route will take us from Scotland, through England, across the channel to France, through a bit of Switzerland and finally see us arriving in Italy. This year, it's all about ground work: finding out about accommodation, the limits of our language and driving skills, finding workable routes and, what the heck, just having a good time cruising through some of the most fabulous bits of scenery Europe has to offer.

Welcome to the

It's important to note that this year's event will certainly NOT be a race or a 'rally' in the 'racing on civil carriageways' sense. Apart from any insurance considerations, the Pally Rally will not condone any driving that leads to dangerous or risky behaviour. The Pally Rally is more of a 'rally' in the 'gathering' sense that will basically see a bunch of mates who like driving, getting their assorted vehicles from A to B, as a group, providing mutual support and assistance where necessary.

General information about where we're at in terms of organisation can be found on the following 'STICKY' posts which will be regularly updated. We owe much of our inspiration to the incredible Scally Rally: a professionally organised, full blown charity event with limited places. Please check them out and give them your support.

* A fuct finding mission is a cross between a 'fact finding mission' (where we set off in search of the things we need to know about travelling in Europe, places to stay, routes, etc) and a 'f*cked finding mission' (where we set off and all the crap that can possibly go wrong, hunts us down and turns the whole thing into a laughable fiasco).